The Power of Aikido

by Patricia Anne Matthews

to be sung to the tune of 'the power of love'

Whispers in the dojo, as the students take a class
They're rolling by like thunder now
And landing on their arse.

I look in through the window
And I see the moves they make
They're bending arms and elbows now
To see which way they break

For I am your uuuukkkkeeee
And you are my Sensei
When ever you call me out
I wont run awaaaaay

Even though there may be times
You throw me much too hard
- one day I'll get even
And catch you off your gaurd

I hold on to your body
And feel each move you make
It's some sad addiction
That I can not forsake

For I am your uke
And you are my senseiiiii
And whhheenn the bruises heal
I'll come back and plaaaaay

We're heading for a grading
One more hold, one more throw
My body may be aching but I'm willing to learn
The power of Ai ki dooooo.

[Bows to raptuous applause, catches flowers and ukemis off stage right.....]