The Aikidoka's Throwing Song

sung to the tune of 'The Philosophers Drinking Song'

De-e-ennis Hooker was a real good looker
Who was always very stable.

Chuck Gordon, Chuck Gordon was a boozy hedon
Who could throw you under the table.

MLE would shout of glee
When throwing Michael Hacker,

And Julian Frost was always tossed
When he was the attacker.

Then Carol Shifflett made a leaflet,
'Bout the twisting of the wrist.
Kjartan, himself, was called in to assist.

The Canadian, Phil, of his own free will,
Made Scott fly around like a human windmill.

George, they say, could pin any way,
Any dojo full of ukes every day.

Craig Hocker, Craig Hocker was a dojo rocker.
Pauliina liked going >Wham!<

And Jun Akiyama was a jumpy mama.
'I'm thrown, therefore I am.'

Yes, Crazy Ivan, himself, is particularly missed,
A lovely little thrower,
But a bugger when he's pissed.