Related FAQ's

The Martial Arts FAQ

A more general FAQ dealing with introductory issues for the rec.martial-arts newsgroup. This FAQ is not intended to be a Martial Arts Bible, but to give some help to those that are looking for a place to start, or those more experienced that would like to know more about some different style, have a particular doubt, etc.

The Japanese Sword Arts FAQ

This FAQ is intended to cover all aspects of Japanese swordsmanship. It is in addition periodically posted to rec.martial-arts and rec.sports.fencing.

The Newbie Guide to Martial Arts Training

There is an informative posting which appears periodically in the rec.martial-arts newsgroup called The Newbie Guide to Martial Arts Training. It is written by Jeff Pipkins and is well worth a look. Everybody who is new to martial arts or consider starting to practice a martial art ought to take a look at it.

Brad Appleton's Stretching FAQ

Brad Appleton's stretching FAQ is a very good guide to stretching. It gives information on the biomechanics of stretching, the types of stretches and some suggested stretches. It also has references for other books on stretching.

The Medical Tent

The Tent was designed specifically with the endurance athlete in mind. In developing this area I (Mark A. Jenkins, MD) have pooled together published medical literature and scientific research, Internet questions and answers, and years of patient experience. The information here doesn't cover everything, but I am slowly building.

The Abdominal Training FAQ

The Abdominal Training Frequently Asked Questions list (FAQ) is intended as an introduction to the basic principles of training the abdominal area, sometimes known as the belly or the abs. The creation of this FAQ was motivated by frequent questions on the topic in the newsgroup

The Fitness Files

The Fitness Files covers all issues related to getting fit. It is well worth a look!

The Backrubs FAQ

The Backrubs FAQ is the FAQ for the alt.backrubs newsgroup. It covers everything you need for a general view of the different types of massage and much, much more. Take a look, it's well worth it.