Recommenced stops on the Aikido net:


Jun's great Aikido site. If you haven't been there yet, go check it out right away.

The Aikido primer

Eric Sotnak's Aikido primer is a kind of mini Aikido FAQ. It's so well written that I just had to steal some of the paragraphs for this FAQ :-)

The Aikido FTP site

Well - This is the archive for various Aikido stuff.

Aikido: The Wisdom and Teaching of Sadao Yoshioka

Sadao Yoshioka Sensei's notes about Aikido. Required reading in my opinion.
Check out the main page too while you're at it.

Aikido Society of Memphis

One of the most hilarious dojo pages out there.


Speaking of hilarious. Fudebakudo is the work of Dave Whiteland and explores some lesser known aspects of martial arts.

The Ki Aikido Center

One of the first, and still one of the best dojo homepages on the web.

Neil McKellar's collection of "Gold" from Aikido-L

A nice little collection of posts from the Aikido-L mailinglist.

Aikido and Budo online magazines:

Aikido Journal Online

Aikido Today Magazine

ATM Sneak Peeks

Furyu : The Budo Journal of Classical Japanese Martial Arts and Culture

Koryu Online Journal of the Classical Martial Arts

Round Earth Publishing

General Martial Arts Sites:

Budo related Information Systems

Fowler's Martial Arts Home Page

MARS - Martial Arts Resource Site

Martial arts page

Martial-Arts links

The Neijia Home Page