Aikido haiku (& other kinds of poems)

Words. Endless chatter
Things best felt, not spoken
No resolution

C'mere you, and grab my wrist,
Too much talk! Go train ...

Sweaty listka talk,
Fill the air with chatty wit
Pub's open! Come sit!

Sacred thunder

Sacred thunder rolls
Uke reels, dazed by tsuki
An aiki moment

Chuck Gordon:

In the silence - CRACK!
Atemi happens
...Suddenly... Small fruit stomped on.

Why are y'all lookin'
scared 'n tremblin'? It's only
my uke pukin'.

Ivan Vasilev:

When shall we all meet?
Spring turns the waiting into

Tension releases
Later postings give the news
November it is!

Alice Bentley:

Hakama pleated
Triangle, Circle and Square
Universe unfolds

Kristina Morris:

Geek boy all alone
Spends hours reading porno
On the internet

Life is but a dream
From which I must awaken
Ere I dream again

Chuck Gordon:

Grizzly crunching sound
like tigers eating marrow
Oh! was that your wrist?

Joel Zimba:

Wind gusts cross the mat
Atemi from behind strikes the blow
Got to ban the beans

Roaring sounds of wind
Disagrement about technique
Go to the dojo

Harmonizing way,
Power for good: Aikido
Haiku is this stuff

Two forces striving
Balance hangs in the balance
Not good, two left feet

Ukes fall like snow,
Piling like white canvas drifts.
Randori working!

Mike Bartman:

Tension cracks through air
Uke takes flight landing soft
Harmony is clear

Wind circles chaos
In the center it is calm
Take care in your flight

Crack of atemi
Uke's balance has left him
I own his center

Sweat of practice drips
Kokyo ho eludes my grasp
Simply drink my beer

Sound of cooling beer
The first beer after practice
Peace is in my heart

Sweat and mold mingle
The cool smell of the dojo
Is quiet and calm

Donna Grant:

Grabbed too hard again
Ligaments pop like dry leaves
When will spring shoots come?

Is it waterfall
Or merely a driving rain
That falls from my brow?

Once again I have
Hit the ground like mighty tree
Dashed to smithereens

Chris Pearce:

Dogi from the car --
Looks like fabric; feels like ice.
Snow falling outside.

Jun Akiyama:

Dogi in my bag,
Looks like fabric, smells like sh*t,
Laundry coming soon.

Christopher Bartlett:

I enjoy throwing.
Satisfying thud noises.
Hey there. Grab my wrist.

Oof. Ouch. Hai, Sensei!
You are very much helping me
to blend with the mat.

I once thought aloud,
How can that be effective?
I don't question now.

K. Krajewski:

This is my dojo:
sweet smell of sweaty cotton,
dusty tatami.

Pauliina Lievonen:

Guns, Ki, and Segal
Some gems, some crap, always fun
Chatter sans mat time.

Kevin Beck

Lots of listka noise.
Is this an Aikido list?
Never mind. It's fun!

Talk, drink and have fun
Aikido-L Seminar
Now throw your friends too!

Kjartan Clausen:

Technique unfolding
Wind flies freely cooling all
Damn obi untied

Waves of warm water
Ukemi flows like neap tide
Another hot flash

Boulders in moonlight
Behind them all is darkness
You stepped on my toe

Bokken flashes by
Roaring of wind in winter
Step off-line asshole

Janet Rosen:

Hot day on the mat
big class, no AC; Eew, I
stepped in someone's sweat!

This is sick pleasure:
Pain to someone else's wrist;
My sides are aching!

Yesterday I flew
Free! My feet were off the mat!
Today I am bruised.

by Michelle via Margo Ballou:

Dark outside window
Basic movement, sweat, gray dawn
Final throw, outside light

Eric Tilles:


Nage slipping away
almost got 'em this time, ha!
mat greets me loudly

Kevin Beck:


Grasping of the gi,
Searing winter pain,
kneeling uke aknowledges

James Skaggs:

My arm gets a twist
Wonder what it is
Oh No, it's Shihonage!


You fucking with me?
If you want me to hurt you,
Believe me, I will.

A frog in the stream.
Moonlight on a gun barrel.
Look out, O'Reilly!

I know he did it.
Evidence? Fuck evidence.
His fat ass is mine.

My partners all die
In ambush, by trickery.
And I fight alone.

Insert the pool cue
Into the left eye socket.
That'll shut him up.

I know what you think.
You think you're above the law.
You're not above mine.

Take over this ship?
That's just not gonna happen.
I'm taking you down.

Former Navy SEAL
Vs. mad dog assassin?
Hey, guess what -- You lose.

Chuck Gordon:

Sacred thunder rolls
Uke reels, hate in eyes
Subpoena comes

Wendy Gunther:

Karate vs. Aikido vs. Taekwondo

As gyaku slips through
like water over stones
aikidoka gasps for air
through punctured lung

(a blantant Shotokan plug)
"Venugopal, Rajeev: SEN":

Ei! Mae kekomi
Yah! Irimi and tenkan
Karateka falls

Chuck Gordon:

Downed karateka
Last thing he sees is a foot
Taekwondoka rulz!

Cady Goldfield:

Taekwondoka Rulz!

Aikidoka reels
stunned by foot of blinding speed
Taekwondoka rulz!

Foot pierces the void
A bright flash! A blur of light!
Taekwondoka rulz.

Foot pierces the void
Where's that Aikidoka? What the...
...Taekwondoka falz.

Mike [insert quote here] Bartman:

Aikidoka gasps
His foe takes good ukemi
Taekwondoka rolz!

Cady Goldfield:

Aikidoka grinz
Foe has great ukemi indeed
Lets go get a beer

Mike [insert quote here] Bartman:

Former foes embrace
Match is over, time for brew
Let's invite Kjartan

Cady Goldfield:

Peace spreads like the rain
Cooling hotheaded competition
Let's invite EVERYONE!

Mike [insert quote here] Bartman:

I met an ancient sensei
Who hit me with the floor
I pondered at his speed while he just hit me more

I went to punch his lights out
I wondered at his guile
He didn't pause for breath as he decked me with a smile

On and on and on we trained
Sweat pouring from my brow
I doubted my own sanity then, it was time to bow

The ancient sensei thanked me
From the bottom of his heart
I returned his thanks with wonderment, and then, I fell apart!

"Hutchinson, Mark"