Tesshu Yamaoka's doka

If your mind
is not projected
into your hands
even 10,000 techniques
will be useless.

Against an opponent's sword
assume no stance,
and keep your mind unmoved;
that is the place
of victory.

I am not stuck
nor is my opponent hit;
unobstructed I move in
and attain the ultimate.

Where swords meet
throw off illusion;
abandon yourself
and you will tred
on the living path.

The form which arises
from no-mind
stands in the centre of things;
blows come but do not connect -
what a marvel!

Spirit, swiff;
mind, calm;
body, light;
eyes, clear;
technique, decisive!

Self-centred thoughts
are reflected as
clearly as in a mirror;
let others see them,
and you will be making a fool of yourself.

Piled up high,
the snowman (just like everyone else)
after a few days,
goes somewhere
without a trace.

After death
you go to hell
but die again
and the Devil and his minions
will squawk (for mercy)!

Do not desire money,
do not depend on empty principles,
do not seek fame:
just go with what you have
and you will pass safely through this world.

The heart of things
which cannot be seen with the eyes -
that is where the seed of Buddha lies:
make it grow
and truth will be yours.

"No more sake for you"
(my doctor declared)
but look at how tattered my sleeves are -
pour me some, please;
full my cup again and again.

Ride the heavens far above
the world's folly
on the back of a crane:
sport for a thousand years,
enjoying every minute.