Beautiful Uke

by A J Garcia

sung to the tune of "Beautiful Loser" by Bob Seger

You want to fly like the young ones
With the wisdom of the old ones
If it's scary, you don't care
You want to feel yourself in the air

Beautiful uke
When you gonna fall?
When you realize
The mat won't hurt you at all

You're older and it's hard to bend
But every class you're there again
You can't settle for second-best
Someday you'll do all the rest

Beautiful uke
Read it on the wall
And realize
You won't be satisfied until you fall
To do it right you have to fall

The mat won't hurt you at all
Ohh, Ohh, it won't hurt at all
Gotta try, gotta try, find a way to do it all
Oh yeah

You don't complain when it hurts your knees
You can be cautious, but you never freeze
And until you do it, you'll find no peace

Beautiful uke
Try to take it all
'Cause its easier
And faster when you fall

And the mat won't hurt you at all
The mat won't hurt you at all
It's better if you can fall
Always better when you fall