Here boy, drink this

by Dennis Hooker

I heard about an Aiki well from a dear old friend of mine
He said it was a place to go, if your gonna be here for a time
It's refreshing elixir for the soul and serves the body well
But beware my friend he exclaimed, it will trap you sure as hell

I went down to the Aiki well to get me a little drink
I fell into the damned old' thing and I begin to sink
The more I fought with that quagmire the more I lost than gained
Then someone yelled quit fight'n stupid, it ain't about the pain

I was trapped in that murky old well no light to be seen
I couldn't get out and I couldn't move on it was like surreal dream
I didn't seem to mind too much it was wrong but it seemed all right
Then the Aiki flowed and it just worked when I quit trying to fight

Then I seen the light above my head and I felt all new and clean
Then someone yelled hay stupid, that's the damn Aiki freight train
I decided then and there I was gonna catch that allusive train
I'll be bound for hell or glory but I won't be bound for pain

I caught a hold and I hung on and it's been one hell of a ride
And I got people hanging onto me, as I hang on the side
Sometimes the wheels are flat, the cinders burn, and curve is 90 degree But
I'm grinning like an old hound dog chase'n a possum up a tree

So if y'all venture down to the aiki well to have a look around
Y'all just might hear a bunch of folks making one hell of a glorious sound
Their have'n such a good old time they don't know weather to shit or go
blind So they close one eye and fart and have one hell of a good old time

Now some folks say I'm an irreverent soul and don't have the proper respect
But I say I'm a product of those I've known so what the hell do you expect
At the Orlando Aiki well I gotta keep up with Baker, Jones, Linden and the
rest So I close my eyes hang on for the ride and do my level best

Now O' Baker Sensei has been around so long he makes dirt look young
And O' Linden Sensei is a damn roughneck with most of the bark still on Now
me I'm such a gentle soul, good looking, kind and so well bred
If it wasn't for these folks making me who I am, I'd be O' Saint Hooker instead