Top 10 reasons Aikido is better than sex

  1. You can practice Aikido with a lot of people of both sexes without getting your SO angry at you.
  2. You can't catch an STD from practicing Aikido.
  3. You get to try more positions in a typical session.
  4. Everyone gets to enjoy multiple climaxes.
  5. No unwanted pregnancies from practicing Aikido
  6. Threesomes (and more) are part of the normal curriculum, they often require special accessories (jo, boken, tanto). And nobody thinks that you are kinky if you practice them
  7. Nage and uke can switch places,so there is no need for "how does it feel on your side" type questions.
  8. It is easier to "stand tall" when performing before a crowd.
  9. Male performers can handle several partners in one session.
  10. Not even your parents think you should eventually select a life-long partner.
  11. The techniques are taught in public and there is no need to blush when you buy books on this topic...
  12. Your partner doesn't get offended if immediately afterwards you go out for a cold beer.
  13. When someone swings a weapon at you, you're allowed to defend yourself 'cause you're not ball-gagged and strung up with cutting leather strings. (Oops! Wrong list again...)