Shambhalalala Pocket Classics Presents


by Ueshiba Morihei

T e a c h i n g s O f T h e F o u n d e r O f A i k i d o

compiled and edited by Ivan V.

Shambhalalala Publishing

Copyright 1997 by -= Ivan =-

The author wishes to thank Kodansha International for using material from Budo

Special thanks to all at Atlanta Kobukan.

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First Edition

Printed in the United States of America on acid-free paperless medium.
Distributed in the United States by Heavy Fist, Inc.
In Canada by Thunder Fist of Canada Ltd.
And in the United Kingdom by Iron Fist Century Group


(to be published later on)


Rely on the principle of kokyu timing
to enter smoothly to his side;
be prepared to strike a second opponent
to the right with your right hand.

In order to deliver
a devastating blow to an enemy,
one must be enlightened
to the principles of heaven and earth

Without offering your opponent
the slightest opening
or allowing a break
in the flow of kokyu and ki,
you must be enlightened
to the essence of striking

Move like lightening,
Strike like thunder.

If the opponent grabs your wrist,
step back with the left leg,
guide him in that direction,
hold his arm while striking his face,
and down him

As soon as the the collar is grasped
you must move swiftly
and seize the initiative from the opponent
by striking his face
and/or solar plexus

Grab your partner's right wrist
from underneath with your right hand,
release his grip,
and strike his face.

Step out on your right foot
and strike directly
at your opponent's face
with your right te-gatana
and punch his ribs
with your left fist.

You can then pin
your opponent's right arm
with your legs
and strike his neck
with your right te-gatana.

Enter to your oppponent's right,
strike his ribs with your left fist,
and use your right te-gatana
to cut down his attack.
Turn deeply behind your opponent
and throw him with the added element
of a strong push to the chin.

Attack your opponent's face and ribs
as described above.

Apply a reverse twist
with your left hand
while striking his face
with your right fist

Open slightly to the left
and neutralize
your opponent's attack
with your left te-gatana
while simultaneously striking
his face with your right hand.