Top Ten Differences between Aikido and Bullfighting...

  1. Bull won't take ukemi just to make you look good.
  2. In Aikido, if you muck up, you get to have another go.
  3. Bull fighters use capes while Aikidoka use skirts to confuse and confound.
  4. When you "defeat" uke in Aikido, you aren't awarded both ears and the tail.
  5. Most of the matadors have more bull shit than the bull.
  6. You don't cut off uke's balls and eat them when you've brought him to the ground.
  7. Aikidoka don't shit on the mat (usually).
  8. Success in shodan test is not followed by awarding two ears and a tail.
  9. Shouting "OLE" after a good performance is not generally approved.
  10. No roses thrown into the arena by the senoritas.
  11. There's no atemi in bull fighting...unless you're Mas Oyama.
  12. You may doubt about uke's morals, as they are humans (bulls are straight and sincere (makoto)...)
  13. "Horniness" may result in undesired pain, not pleasure.
  14. Generally Aikidoka do not attack with their head first.
  15. A bullfighter doesn't get to randori with six bulls at a time.
  16. If you do get 6 bulls at a time you run.
  17. A bull never looks at you unblinkingly, smiles and says "relax".