Falling - It's a long way down

by Jon Diesch

Assuming a minimum of about 200 falls per class (a low number I think, I probably do more than that)
And 2 classes per week (probably averages out all the extra classes vs. the ones I've missed) gives 200 x 2 x 52 = 20,800 ukemi per year.
I have trained 10 years => 208,000 ukemi in regular classes.
I attend a week long summer school every year, each day equivalent to 3 normal classes = 3 x 200 x 7 = 4200 ukemi at summer school, x10 years = 42,000 and about 10 weekend courses yearly, also equivalent to 3 normal classes = 3 x 200 x 10 = 6000 ukemi at w/e's yearly, x10 years = 60,000 ukemi.

Total = 31,000 ukemi yearly = 310,000 ukemi total.

If average airborne distance = 3' => Approx 176 air miles acquired in the practice of Aikido => Approx. Leeds to London.

These figures of course are approximate, and do not include any ukemi taken at times outside the dojo, usually as the result of the pub steps leaping up at my face after closing time.

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