Funny Ukemi

the art of getting thrown so violently that you almost roll
multiple times in succession before rising to your feet, or
rise to your feet so quickly that you still have a lot of forward
momentum, and thus sort of stumble off until you can apply the brakes.

the art of rolling perfectly straight, and perfectly round.

...and then realizing that you estimated the ground to be about a foot
higher than it actually is. *thump*

the art of making the most beautiful rolls you've ever made...

...when you're not really supposed to roll at all. [ This has the
added side effect of that it usually surprises tori so much that they let
go of you, and you get away without injury! ]

the art of taking the advice of people who are only slightly higher
than you in rank, resulting in you trying out a different approach to
rolling, resulting in you spontaneously rolling in a direction which is
not "forwards". This has the added advantage of causing you to bump into
other people, esp. when practicing ukemi exercises in lines.

the art of falling down with so much force, you end up awkwardly rolling
backwards over yourself anyhow, not unlike one of those desktop dodo
birds that drinks from a glass.