Top 10 Reasons that Sex = Aikido

  1. You learn a lot more by doing it than by talking about it.
  2. It can result in a need for medical attention, psrticularly if you aren't careful or pick the wrong partner.
  3. You can never get enough of it, but you do have to stop to rest sometimes.
  4. You always perform better with a longtime partner.
  5. It's best to start out on a soft, but not too springy surface.
  6. Some people find that hitting their partner lightly helps make it better.
  7. When it's good it's really good, and when it's bad it's still not bad!
  8. If you do it in public you will get funny looks, and attract police.
  9. There are special clubs devoted to it that most people don't know anything about.
  10. The only form of solo practice gives you very strong wrists.
  11. Faster does not mean better.
  12. Sometimes your knees get sore.
  13. Sensitivity and good timing make for excellent technique.
  14. "Full extension" helps to guide your partner through the "exercise".
  15. It's important in many cases to bend your knees and lower your hips.
  16. Special equipment can make it more interesting.
  17. Some people find that the harder it is, the better.
  18. You can do it with several people simultaneously.