Some good tips for aiki-bowling

  1. Don't try to keep the ball centred during the back swing.
  2. Gripping from the little finger doesn't help.
  3. It's important to LOOSE connection with the ball at some point.
  4. Don't try and raise it like a bokken; don't throw from the centre of the head.
  5. If applying kote geishi to the ball, remember to start off with your back to the lane.
  6. Keep the back foot on the floor; keep the toes under.
  7. Forget circles and go for linear techniques.
  8. Don't try and slam the ball through the lane; its distance, not airtime that you need.
  9. Be aware of the edges of the lane (do you think you can get a dojo with runnels around the edge of the mat to stop ukes' spinning off?).
  10. Choose a ball that will give you a committed attack.
  11. It's not neccessary to alternate sides.
  12. Only do it Sensei's way if it is effective (or they are watching).
  13. Concentrate on the taking the balance of the pins.
  14. Finish the technique with all pins on the ground.
  15. Don't let the pins back up until you have moved away.
  16. It is not neccessay to bow to the ball or before stepping on to the lane (although might be worth trying if you are desperate).
  17. Keep your shoes on.
  18. Sitting in seiza at the edge of the lane is not advisable.
  19. Always consider, is your bowling feasible in a 'real life' situation.
  20. If you loose, blame it on the previous days wrist/back/knees/shoulder injury.