You know you're hooked on aikido when....

  1. The first word out of your parrot's mouth is KIAI! and you teach your cat how to do mae ukemi.
  2. You have more bruises than a roller derby queen, and you still go back for more.
  3. You shut the refrigerator door with a shomen-uchi.
  4. You shop for clothes based on whether you can practice in them.
  5. The only clothes you'll wear are gis.
  6. You actually crave a beach workout.
  7. The books on your night stand are by authors like Morihei Ueshiba, Morihito Saito and Miyamoto Musashi.
  8. The Twelve Days of Christmas becomes: one iaito, two bokken, three gi's, four rolls of adhesive tape...
    ...twelve cases of Tiger Balm.
  9. You look for a place to live based on the amount of practice space it provides.
  10. You refuse to wear shoes.