You might be an Aiki-Fruity if...

  1. You have ever burned incense to 'improve your waza'.
  2. Listening to a Kitaro album makes you want to throw people.
  3. Your Color Therapy Practitioner plans to visit your dojo.
  4. Numerology plays an important part in your Rank Advancement.
  5. At a seminar, you take extra Gensing to combat a waning 'P' Bio-Rhythm
  6. When you take off your jewelry before class, you align the Crystals to send 'Energy' onto the mat.
  7. You no longer sleep under the pyramid before testing, but you do touch it for 'Luck'.
  8. Your Sensei takes you aside to tell you that your Patchouli body oil is diminishing his Ki.
  9. Meditation makes you late for class.
  10. Your ReiKi Master dialogued with you and empowered you to experience your past lives in a positive framework and inspired you to interact with your feminine Aspect on a physical/psychological level concerning your Challenging situation regarding left rolls.

... not that there's anything wrong with that...