Should I go to a Seminar?

Q. I am just a new student. Will I get anything of interest to me?

A. Of course. Seminars are to present new ideas to both old and new students. Sometimes this information confirms what you have learned before but most of the time, the information is presented in such a way as to be new to everyone.

Q. Won’t the new students hold back the more experienced students?

A. No. Those who want to practice rapidly will pair off with those who wish to do the same. Most advanced students like to spend some time with newer students to assure themselves that they understand the new information well enough to share it with those who are less experienced. Your presence will do them a favor.

Q. Will I embarrass my teachers if I make mistakes?

A. Of course not. Everyone is there to learn. Those who have more to learn will get more from the seminar so it is in their best interest to attend as many seminars as possible.

Q. What if a technique is more difficult than I feel I can tolerate?

A. Remain on the mat as long as you are comfortable. If you become tired or feel that the technique is to difficult, sit out for a while until you are ready to return. You won’t be alone. Even the most experienced students get tired at times or experience sensor over load.

Q. Will I receive training credit for the training?

A. If the instructor is approved by your federation, you will receive credit for promotion. If the instructor is not approved you will probably not receive hours credit for your participation but your attendance will be noted as an indication of your sincerity of study and willingness to expand your knowledge.

Q. Why won’t I get hours credit for seminars taught by instructors not from my federation?

A. Hours for advancement in Aikido should reflect your training in this art. Instruction in other arts will round out your education but not help you with your studies of Aikido techniques and concepts.