Six-part sword exercise

by Chuck Gordon


Stand naturally, left hand on sword (thumb/forefinger on tsuba)
Slide left foot back and grasp tsuka with right hand
Draw the sword directly and point it toward teki's eyes
Step up (L foot forward) into jodan no kamae
Step up (R foot forward) cut kiri otoshi
Keep left hand on tsuka, snap right fist down on tsuka behind tsuba
Reverse right hand on tsuka and release the left hand
Reverse the sword and grasp the saya with left hand
Place the mune of sword lightly between thumb and forefinger
Bring kissaki to koiguchi and sheathe the sword
Step forward and pivot 180 degrees


Drop down onto your left haunch (iaigoshi), right hand grasps tsuka
(Sword is rolled 180 degrees -- edge down)
Break koiguchi and slide the sword slowly out about 1/3 of the way
Crouching, cross-step (L foot forward) and cut up into teki's wrist
Reverse the cut and cut down into teki's shoulder
Repeat noto as in Mae
Step and turn 180 degrees


Stand naturally, right foot slightly advanced
(Roll sword 90 degrees -- edge out)
Slide right foot slightly forward and draw the sword
(A flat left-to-right cut across teki's chest)
Step up (L foot fwd) to jodan
Step in (R foot fwd) and drop left knee to mat, cutting kiri otoshi
Noto, stand and turn as above

Choku tsuki

Stand naturally, right foot slightly advanced
Draw and point at teki's eyes
Step in (L foot fwd) grasping tsuka
Snap hips into a straight thrust into teki's chest
(Blade should be flat, tip goes in first)
Draw back slightly as you withdraw the sword and block
(Trail kissaki to left at about 45 degrees overhead)
Step in (R foot fwd) and cut kesa giri
Noto, step and turn as above


Stand naturally, right foot slightly advanced
Draw the sword but keep kissaki pointed back past your left wrist
Thrust to your rear, with the sword blade flat
Step in (L foot fwd) and perform an augmented rising block/cut
(You're checking teki's cut at the wrist)
Reverse the sword position and perform kesa giri
Perform noto, step and turn a above


Stand naturally, right foot slightly advanced
Tsugiashi, tsuki with tsuka to teki's face
Slide back a bit, pull the tsuka almost vertical
Draw straight up and cut (single hand) down across teki's forearm
Step in (Lfoot fwd), augment the blade, tenkan and cut across teki's belly
Step back and perform augmented block/cut as in Ushiro
Step in and cut kesa
Noto, step and turn as above