Balancing acts/The middle way

10 tips for instructors (and students)

  1. When you have a tough time getting your balance in class... often the balance of your "outside" life is out of whack too.
  2. Concepts are more important than techniques. But techniques are concepts in action.
  3. People need to be recognized. 30 seconds of small talk after or before class can mean so much to a student.
  4. Passion is contagious. Let your students catch a glimpse of this in yourself and watch their energy output skyrocket.
  5. People don't mind being yelled at if you have a smile on your face.
  6. Sometimes be a hero. Sometimes be a friend. Sometimes be a teacher. Sometimes be a student.
  7. If you assign pushups because someone moved in attention stance, then do the pushups with them.
  8. Nothing is as awesome as your 16 year old purple belt writing an english class essay about you as his most influential role-model.
  9. Students are the lifeblood of the arts. Without students... we can never call ourselves teachers.
  10. Never try to make your assistant instructor like you. Because you can reach more students with two different teaching styles than you can with one.