The Aikido-L Whiners' Advisement

by Ivan Vasilev

(this is a standard message posted infrequently when the need arises)

Dear whiner,

You have whined about Aikido-L - quality of posts, quantity of posts, content of posts, character of posters, etc. You have threatened to unscubscribe.

You're not the first and you're not gonna be the last to do so. The world is full of whiners, not unlike a duck with warm shit. You follow the fine tradition of bitching without contributing and we follow the fine traditions of putting up with your crap and ignoring you. The List has existed in its original form, feel and content for years. If we didn't like it the way it is, we wouldn't have it that way. If you wanna make your own list, that's fine. If you wanna make your own newsgroup, that's fine too. But if you're gonna pollute *this* List with messages against pollution, you're pissing against the wind.

Don't whine! Shut up!