Why there's no Aikido chat on the net

JuJoKwan: This is cool!
LittleMary: Guess where my hand is...
Aikidog: Hey John.
KoKyuBird Logged Out
Biggest: Yeah
GrabMyWrist Logged in
JuJoKwan: Does any one know if Aikido is like Ishinru
LittleMary: I'm ready
Aikidog: Hey GrabMyWrist <g>
GrabMyWrist: Yeah
Biggest Logged out
JuJoKwan: This is cool
OuchOuch Logged in
LittleMary: Anyone wanna?
WuShiMASTER: Hey! Eat me!
OuchOuch: Hey Aikidog
JuJoKwan: Do you do Kicks in Aikido

Newbie: I love Segal
Oldtimer: No, Seagal sux
Post newbie mid-timer: You're both wrong, Seagal is simply misunderstood

Gary: What's Aikido?
Kjartan: Read the FAQ
Gary: What's a FAQ?

Ki Aikido newbie: Ki rulez!
Ivan: We don't need no steenkin' ki.
Larry (in absentia): I use ki all the time, why the last time I was mugged ...
Ivan: Farts in Larry's general direction.
Oldtimer: You're all wrong, Ki and farts are both just misunderstood.
Dennis: Pull my finger, c'mon, pull my finger ...
Bartman: Too late. I already beat ya to the punch
Cady: Ewwwwww.
Polo: Quiqui farts stink worse.

Janet: Who's on first?
The Stuarts: Jim's wolves.
Cady: Quiqui's can beat wolves
Adamant newbie: I THOUGHT this was an Aikido list!?!?!?!?
HoShinKool: Aikido-l sux, they never talk about Aikido, but let me tell you
about the time I fought ...
JuSoolWanabe: No, that was me.
Cady: Oooooh.

Disgruntled mid-timer: Aikido-L sux
Newbie: Aikido-L rulez
Oldtimer: You're both wrong, Aikido-L is simply misunderstood

Gary: What's Ishin Ryu?
Cady: It's not Aikido.
Gary: What's Aikido?

Carol: When's the seminar?
Jun: Have you registered, yet?
Newbie: What seminar?
Gary: What's a seminar?
Jun: Read the webpage.
George: Can I get my seminar shirt in a polo shirt instead of a t-shirt?
Polo: Who? Me?
Wendy: Who's on first.

Susan: Ivan sux!
Ivan: Maybe, what's in it for me?
Newbie: Huh? Who's Ivan?

Gary: Do you wear a hakama in Ishin Ryu?
Ivan: Skyler wears rubber thongs under his hakama
Bill: I get a rash from latex
Cady: Ewwwwwwwwww ...

Gary: Does Aikido have ishin ryu punches?
Kjartan: Untelligible Viking berserker war cry
JuSoolWanabe: A Real Martial Artist (tm) wouldn't act like that

Gary: What kind of uniforms do you wear in Aikido?
Kjartan: High-bandwidth screech as he slams a bokuto into his modem

Newbie: Is there a dojo in Los Angeles?
Ivan: Larry's dojo is in LA but he wouldn't let me play.

Jun: I'm an aikislut. ObAikido: Training rulez!
Newbie: I'm disgusted. Such language!
Ivan: Shitpissfuckcuntdick.
Other newbie: Huh? Was that Japanese?
Gary: Do you use Japanese in Aikido?
Kjartan: This rubber room is very, very nice. Quiet. Peaceful. Who's Gary?