Top 10 list of ways not to be an Aikido-L lurker

You are not a lurker if you have ever:

  1. Engaged in puns with Janet and Cady
  2. Flamed Ivan or Bill (or these days: Matt or Dan)
  3. Posted longer messages than Bartman
  4. Asked "Gary-esque" questions (Remember him?)
  5. Began or engaged in a Ki, Ukemi or Seagal discussion/war
  6. Seduced at least one other list member
    6b. Been seduced by a list member, even if you can not remember it.
  7. Explained to some nimno how to unsubscribe from a list
  8. Written a song parody
  9. Spent hours trying to describe step-by-step a technique (you need help with).
  10. Posted a "top 10" list to the list