Testing requirements for the Aikido-L mailing list

6th Kyu

  1. Subscribe successfully onto the list

5th Kyu

  1. Post at least three on-topic messages
  2. Receive at least one reply from Mike, Cady, or Kjartan.
  3. Sent an 'unsubscribe' message to the list instead of the listserv

4th Kyu

  1. Post at least three off-topic messages (ahem)
  2. Start a thread which receives at least three online responses
  3. Converse off the list with another list member
  4. Inadvertently start up a Pun War
  5. Heard the name 'Ivan' mentioned

3rd Kyu

  1. Participate in Ki/Atemi/Ukemi/Steven Seagal Wars
  2. Post a seminar review or seminar announcement
  3. Post a message which gets flamed
  4. Understand the "NoMail" command

2nd Kyu

  1. Meet another list member in "real life"
  2. Post a message which gets flamed by an Aikido-L "Old-timer"
  3. Post a seminar review which starts a thread
  4. Go on vacation, ignore the "NoMail" command, come back, then slog through several hundred Aikido-L messages since you didn't want to miss anything

1st Kyu

  1. Have your name in the subject line of a thread (which you did not start)
  2. Receive something through the postal service from another list member
  3. Post at least three messages which disagrees with at least three "Old Timers"
  4. Know about Ivan
  5. Take an Aikido-L sabbatical of at least three weeks (just because -- balance in life, you know)

1st dan

  1. Attend an Aikido-L Seminar (ahem)
  2. Visit the school of a different "style" than yours taught by a list member
  3. Be mentioned in The Aikido FAQ or on AikiWeb
  4. Read a post by Ivan from when he was on the list

2nd dan

  1. Started a thread which none of the old-timers can remember having been discussed before.
  2. Met at least 10 Aikido-L members (not counting on the Aikido-L Seminars, nor members of your own dojo/city)
  3. Met Ivan
  4. Written entire sections of the AikiWeb or the Aikido FAQ.

Sifu Soke Shihan Menkyo Kaiden 10. Dan

  1. Unsubscribe successfully without asking for help.