The Aikido-L E-mail Chain Bad Novel

This novel is the creation of several members of the Aikido-L, an e-mail forum dedicated mainly to the discussion of Aikido. Individual chapters have been written by different people, each of them potentially going in a different direction with the novel. Although it is best to read them in order, you don't necessarily need to do so!

Chapter 1, by Janet Rosen

Chapter 2, by Janet Rosen

Chapter 3, by Janet Rosen

Chapter 4, by Janet Rosen and Elizabeth Shipp

Chapter 5, by Joseph Toman

Chapter 6, by Janet Rosen and Elizabeth Shipp

Chapter 7, by Janet Rosen

Chapter 8, by Janet Rosen

Chapter 9, by Janet Rosen

Chapter 10, by Elizabeth Shipp

Chapter 11, by Mike Bartman and Dr. Wendy Gunther

Chapter 12, by Elizabeth Shipp

Chapter 13, by Joseph Toman

Chapter 14, by Elizabeth Shipp

Chapter 15, by Elizabeth Shipp

Chapter 16, by Elizabeth Shipp

Wouldn't you like to be involved? Wouldn't you just relish the semi-immortality of being an author of the Aikido-L chain E-mail bad novel?

It's easy-- just send an email to Elizabeth Shipp <> and tell me you want to play too!

The novel is currently in the capable hands of several authors, and production will resume after the First Annual Aikido-L Seminar and Beer Bash, at the end of May. Until then, enjoy!