Ukemi Lit. "receiving with the body"
Kumitachi Sword partnership practice
Kumijo Staff partnership practices
Tachi dori Sword takeaways
Tanto dori Knife takeaways
Atemi-waza Techniques to strike a vital point
Hanashi-waza Techniques from escaping from holds; also known as hazushi-waza
Hanmi-handachi waza One person standing, one person sitting techniques
Henka waza Varied technique. Especially beginning one technique and changing to another in mid-execution
Hitori waza "invisible partner practice"
Jiju waza Free-style practice of techniques. Usually a set of attacks or techniques. It is different from Randori where everything is allowed.
Kaeshi-waza Counter techniques
Kansetsu-waza Dislocation techniques
Katame-waza Grappling techniques; consisting of osae waza, kensetsu waza, and shime waza
Kihon-waza Fundamental techniques
Nagashi waza Flowing from one technique to next
Ne waza Grappling techniques
Oji waza To block and then counterattack
Omote waza Techniques that are revealed to the public
Osae waza Pinning techniques.
Shi waza A counter technique
Sukashi waza Techniques performed without allowing the attacker to complete a grab or to initiate a strike.
Sutemi waza a technique accomplished by sacrificing your body
Suwari waza Techniques executed with both uke and nage in a seated position.
Tachi waza Standing techniques.
Te-waza Hand techniques (as opposed to weapons)
Uchi-waza Striking techniques
Ushiro-waza Techniques from rear attacks
Uke-waza Blocking techniques