Hanmi Half forward stance.
Hitoemi Equal stance, feet parallel forward
Iai goshi Hips lowered, stable position.
Iai hiza, Tate hiza Kneeling on one calf.
Kamae Posture, stance.
Kiza Kneeling, but up on the toes.
Seiza Kneeling on both calves.
Tachi Standing.
Chudan Middle kamae, sword in middle, seigan is a chudan gamae.
Gedan Lower level, sword pointed down.
Hasso gamae Figure 8 stance, sword by side of head. Usually hasso hidari, sword on right, left foot forward.
Jodan Upper level, sword above head. Usually hidari jodan, left foot forward.
Karuma like waki gamae, blade horizontal.
Kasumi Arms crossed over to hide technique (mountain mist).
Kongo Blade vertical in front of face.
Seigan Natural step, fundamental kamae.
Waki gamae Sword pointed down and back, for a sutemi (sacrifice) waza. Usually sword on right side (migi waki gamae), left foot forward. Other purpose - hiding length of sword, especially in case of a broken one.