Uchi deshi A live-in student
Budo Martial way
Aikido The way of harmony with ki
Dojo Lit. "way place"
Zanshin lit. "remaining spirit", balanced and aware state
Kiai A shout delivered for the purpose of focussing all of one's energy
Satori Enlightenment
Misogi purification ceremony
Musubi Ending, conclusion, union
Shugyo Training, pursuit of knowledge
Tatami Mat
Uke Receiver of the technique (attacker)
Nage Doer of the technique (defender)
Bokken Wooden sword
Bokuto Wooden sword
Jo Short staff (~130 cm length)
Shinai Bamboo sword
Enten-jizui Moving and turning freely
Genshin Intuition
Giri Duty; What you have to do
Happo-baraki To be totally aware of ones surroundings
Hiki Pull; tug
Hineri A twist
Hito-e-mi Blending with motion of attack
Ido Movement
Idori Techniques practiced from seiza
Ikki-ni In one breath; instantly
Ima Now
Irimi Entering
Kaiten Rotation
Kaiten-juki The axis of rotation of a technique
Kan Intuition
Karame To tie up; to arrest
Karami An entanglement
Karui-geiko Light, easy practice
Kashaki-uchi Continuous attack
Kihon Fundamental
Kokoro Spirit, will, heart, intuition, mood
Kokoro-gamae Mental attitude
Kokutsu Backward leaning
Koryu Old style
Kujiki Strain
Kushin Springing in to attack
Kusshinuke To dodge an attack
Maai Combat engagement distance
Mae-no-sen Taking the initiative; Attacking the instant your opponent thinks about it
Maki Wrapped around
Mawashi A turn; a rotation
Moku roku A catalog of techniques
Mokuso Meditation
Munen mushin Striking without conscience
Munen muso The goal of zazen
Nagashi Flow
Ninjo What you have to do
No Possessive particle of speech
Nobashi Stretched out
Nuki Pull
Oji A response
Osae Press; push; to immobolize
Randori Free style
Reigi Etiquette; also reishiki
Renshu Hard work on basics
Ritsurei A standing bow
Sabaki Body motion
Saho The left direction
Sankaku Triangle
Seme-guchi An opening for an attack
Semete Attacker
Sen The initiative; also 1000
Senjutsu Tactics
Sen-no-sen Seizing initiative just as opponents initiates attack
Sente The person who takes the initiative
Shi A (samurai) person
Shiki Ceremony, style, form
Shikko On one's knees
Shinshin Mind and body
Shinshin shugyo Mind and body training
Shinshin toitsu Mind and body unified
Shita Down
Shita-no Of the lower part
Shizoku Safe spot
Sho Small
Shoshin Beginners mind
Shuchu Concentration
Shugeki Attack
Sudori Momentum
Sukui Scooping
Tai-atari Body contact
Tai-chikara External power (muscle)
Taisabaki Body motion
Taijutsu Body art
Tai-no-henko Reversing the body's position
Tanin-geiko Practicing with multiple attackers
Taoshi To tip over
Tateki Multiple attackers
Tateki-geiko Practicing with multiple attackers
Tateki-uchi Fighting with multiple attackers
Tenkan Pivot
Tsukami To seize (and immobilize)
Uchima Distance where you can strike by taking a single step
Uchimata The inside of the throw
Uchite The attacker
Uki Floating
Yo Positive principle of nature
Yoko-furumi Sideward motion
Yumi A bow (archery)
Zentai Total
Fukushiki-kokyu Abdominal breathing
Ibuki A breathing method featuring a long exhalation, followed by a short cough to clear lungs
In-ibuki Internal (quiet) breathing
Nogare Breathing method featuring long exhalation with sharp gasp
Ritsuzen Standing meditiation
Yo-inbuki External (power) breathing