How to Build Laser Jo

I've received several requests on how to build LJ.

Since I didn't build it, I can't give step-by-step instructions, but I can offer the following observations.

I stand corrected on the source of the came from a pointing device, not a gun-sight. It's rated at "<5mW" with a warning about direct exposure to the eyes. The laser/battery/on-off switch assembly was removed from the pointing device.

A hole must be drilled into each end of the jo. The diameter should be slightly (but only slightly) larger than the laser. Too small & the laser can't be removed to change the battery. Too large & it'll rattle around, becoming unsteady by itself.

The hole must be in the center of the jo, concentric with its axis. Since a jo is often made from a fairly hard wood, drilling this hole straight & centered is no easy task. I don't think a hand-held portable drill will do the job, at least not easily.

The depth of the hole must be the length of the laser assembly plus perhaps 1mm, so that it's recessed slightly.

A second hole must be drilled or notched into side of the jo to expose the on-off switch. This switch is usually a pressure switch; it must be pressed continuously to keep the laser "on". For LJ, this was accomplished with a very tight rubber band that is rolled off the switch when not in use. It looks somewhat crude; perhaps someone will discover a better way & share it with us.

The laser is held in the jo and protected from damage by a rubber cane tip (with a hole cut the diameter of the laser lens), slipping it over the end of the jo.

The rubber tips do *not* add to the beauty of the jo. But this is the first try. Perhaps someone has a better idea.

I can't think of anything else about LJ. If anyone on the list builds one, let's have some feedback.

Steve Zimmerman

Arizona Ki Society, Scottsdale