Aikido and Knee Injury Project

Part I: The Incidence of
Acute Knee Injuries in Aikido
Janet Rosen, R.N., B.S.N., P.H.N., © 2002

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The Survey at a Glance......

Number of Dojo: 101
Members: 3250
Men: 75%
Women: 25%

Acute knee injuries in
the past five years: 99
No injuries: 50 dojo
At least one injury: 51 dojo

Acute knee injuries,
per dojo basis
Total: 4.45%
Men: 4.52%
Women: 4.44%

Acute knee injuries, per total respondents
Total: 3%
Men: 3%
Women: 3%

Age of dojo:
up to 5 yrs.: 19%
6-10 yrs.: 18%
over 10 yrs.: 63%

Average dojo size: 32
Smallest: 5
Largest: 140

Age of those injured:
Under 35: 51%
35-50: 36%
Over 50: 13%

Time in Training of those injured:
Under 1 year: 12%
1-5 years: 43%
6-10 years: 22%
Over 10 years: 23%

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Thank you to Jun Akiyama at Aikiweb and to David Cody for technical assistance that made this project possible, and to Joel Posluns Sensei and to the members of Aikido-L for their support and assistance with this project.

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